Blog : Downtown Charleston Engagement Session

Bethany & Chris are Engaged!

by JenB

When Bethany and Chris asked if I ever traveled to photograph weddings, my answer was a very enthusiastic “YES!” This gorgeous couple is getting married next September in Miami and I am so excited to photograph it! Here are a few from our recent engagement session.

Love is in the air! {Charleston Engagement Photography}

by JenB

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of working with not one, but three really great engaged couples. We traveled to a plantation, a horse farm and downtown to take these. Enjoy!

Laura & Dariusz are Engaged! {An Engagement Session}

by JenB

Laura and Dariusz are engaged and it was great getting to spend time around Charleston with them. I only wish they were getting married down here in Charleston because it is going to be a fun wedding. They have a lucky wedding photographer up North. Congrats to Dariusz and Laura!

Amy & Jonathon are Engaged!

by JenB

I met Amy and Jonathon for the first time a little over a year ago when I was photographing their friend’s wedding (Erika and Michael.) Erika and Michael were awesome to photograph, so fun and relaxed and after spending the morning with Amy and Jonathon, I realized they are too!  We met early in the morning to avoid the heat and it had rained the night before and left a really great puddle on the street that we took advantage of for a few pictures.  I am so so excited for their wedding in March.  Congrats to Amy and Jonathon!

Amber and Josh are Engaged!

by JenB

Amber and Josh are getting married- and when I say that, I mean today!  Amber and Josh planned their wedding from out of town and wanted to know if we could do their engagement session a couple of days before the wedding.  I thought it would be perfect timing.  They had their puppy Bruno with them and he was so cute he had to be in a few photos!  The wedding is today and the weather is gorgeous here.  I can’t wait to see Amber and Josh get Married!

Nikki and Brad are Engaged!

by JenB

Before the Thanksgiving Holiday, I met Brad and Nikki downtown for their Engagement session.  We met in the morning and it was surprising how empty the streets were. A lot of the crowds are gone right now and we had some of my favorite little places all to ourselves- places that I have wanted to use for a background, but a car is normally parked right in front.  This was a treat for me.  I had been wanting to get this first shot forever, but there is always a Volvo parked right there.  It was so much fun walking around with these two.  I liked how much they laughed together.  Can’t wait for the wedding in July!